Robert Scalese

Senior Compliance Administrator, IBC & COI
Office Phone
619 Alexander Rd., Suite 102

Robert Scalese joined Princeton University within the office of Research Integrity and Assurance administrating both the Institutional Biosafety Committee and Conflict of Interest in Research area.  Bob received his formal education from the Pennsylvania State University (BS/83, MS/86).    Upon graduation he began his career working for Bristol Myers Squibb with the Department of Pharmacology in drug development. He accepted continual growth opportunities while acquiring extensive experience in aseptic surgery, anesthesia, imaging, drug delivery, and veterinary clinical medicine. He also managed a two site team that was responsible for animal model development, project support, enrichment, clinical care and colony health of all animals at both facilities.   He also served as a voting member for the IACUC.  More recently, Bob worked as a consultant in surgical animal model development for Columbia University and Covance Research Products.   Bob lives in Philadelphia, Pa with his wife, Trisha, and 4 children, Daniel, Michael, Carter and Lila.   He is an avid music collector.