Streamlining the IACUC review process

June 6, 2024

The IACUC review process has been streamlined to reduce the overall time to approval and cycles of review and revision. 

The below changes are effective for all submissions received after today:

  1. Designated Member Review (DMR)
    • The “pre-review” step has been eliminated.
    • RIA will complete the Compliance Review (routed to the PI if revision is needed) and then applications will be sent for simultaneous review by Veterinary Services, EHS, and assigned IACUC members.
    • However, applications will undergo a pre-review if: 
      • The applicant is a new PI;
      • The submission includes a new species (for the PI or for Princeton); and/or
      • The application requires significant revision to collect the information the IACUC requires when conducting its review.
  2. Full Committee Review (FCR)
    • RIA will complete the Compliance Review (routed to the PI if revision is needed) and then applications will:
      • Undergo a single pre-review (by Veterinary Services and EHS, if applicable);
      • Routed to the PI if revision is needed; and then
      • Be sent to a convened meeting for FCR (without going back to the pre-reviewers).
    • Depending on the discussion and IACUC vote, applications will:
      • Be routed back to the PI if revision is needed and
      • Sent to either DMR subsequent to FCR or to a second convened meeting for review (cycles repeated until approved).
  3. Additionally:
    • Amendments will only be sent to EHS when hazards have been added or changed).
    • Any IACUC member can request that an application be reviewed via FCR at any time.
    • RIA’s Post-Approval Monitor, Sandy Baker, is available to assist you with writing IACUC protocol or amendments and/or responding to reviewer questions.

We appreciate your feedback and continued dedication to the animal care and use program at Princeton!

Perhaps you would be willing to give us a moment and complete this anonymous survey to share your thoughts?

Also feel free to contact Lauren Danridge, RIA’s Associate Director for IACUC, IBC, and PAM with any questions or concerns!