Princeton Reports Non-compliance with Animal Care Protocol

Friday, Oct 26, 2018

Princeton University reported an incident of non-compliance pertaining to animal welfare on Oct. 1 to the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare of the National Institutes of Health, in accordance with federal law. The incident involved the death of a mouse after a treatment plan was not followed due to staffing changes.

In response to the incident, the University's animal care and use program modified standard operating procedures to include enhanced documentation and tracking of ongoing treatments. These processes include additional training for staff and a requirement to notify all persons involved in an animal's care of changes in treatment plans.

The University is committed to protecting the welfare of animals used in research and teaching, and adheres to the highest standards regarding the humane care and responsible use of animals.

Princeton’s animal research program aims to advance the frontiers of knowledge and improve the lives of humans and animals. Animals are used in research only when no alternatives exist to address specific scientific questions.

Potential benefits from animal research include an improved understanding of cancer, infectious diseases, neurological disorders, basic biological and behavioral processes, and the development of new medicines, devices and other treatments.