IACUC Updates Application for Animal Use

Thursday, Oct 10, 2019

The IACUC form had been updated as of 10/8/19, and is available on the RIA website ria.princeton.edu/animal-care-and-use/forms

Some of the major changes in the new form are as follows:

  • The form has been revised for better flow and overall functionality based on feedback provided by the research community.
  • We removed redundancies and streamlined the process with EHS and LAR to reduce investigator burden.
    • The transgenic section has been revised. You will now be asked to describe the classes of gene targets and how they relate to your experimental goals. You are no longer required to submit a list of transgenic strains. You will no longer be required to submit an amendment to add additional strains, unless it is a new class of gene targets or produces a known phenotype associated with the potential for pain or distress.
    • We removed the breeding table. You will now be asked to describe your breeding strategy in the justification of animal numbers section. You will now only need to provide estimations of the number of animals for your breeding schemes.
    • We revised the hazardous agent section in collaboration with Environmental Health and Safety to remove redundant questions asked in the IBC registration form.
  •  A new amendment form will be released in the near future.

If you have any questions please contact IACUC@Princeton.edu