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  • Create & submit new protocols online
  • Create & submit amendments to approved protocols
  • Submit adverse event reports
  • Submit a De Novo review
  • Submit requests for closure of IACUC protocols
  • View their training certifications

Online contextual help is available on the protocol application pages throughout the system. You can also e-mail questions to


How do I add or remove personnel on my protocol?

You do this by submitting an amendment to your approved protocol.  Detailed steps on amendment creation can be found in Section 7.1 of the User Manual.

How do I obtain PI Approval for IACUC submissions?

During your protocol creation, in Section 2 Personnel, ADD PERSONNEL by selecting the individual and using the (2.2) Principal Investigator checkbox to designate the selected individual as the PI. Hit SAVE. 
In the PI Assurance section, select "I am not the PI".
When the protocol is submitted, it will be routed to the designated PI for review and approval.
Detailed steps can be found Section 5 of the User Manual.

How do I add a new procedure?

New procedures are added by submitting an amendment to your approved protocol. Detailed steps on amendment creation can be found in Section 7.1 of the User Manual.

What do I do if my sponsor doesn't appear in the funding agency list?

Send an email: The subject line of the email should be “Adding a Sponsor for an eRIA submission”. In the email, please include the name, address, phone number and email address of the sponsor and whether the sponsor is a Federally funded entity. Once the sponsor is added to the ERA database, it will take one day for the eRIA system to be updated with that information.

How do I find my training certifications or medical clearance?

Navigate to the My Profile tab after logging into eRIA, and then tap on Certifications and Training on the left-side navigation menu to see your own list.

Navigate to Certifications & Training

Access eRIA HERE.

REMINDER: VPN required to access from off-campus locations

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