Reporting Forms

For compliance with the University's requirements for financial disclosures, there is a web-based secure process that allows all Dean of Faculty employees to provide data and required updates on entities in which they hold interest. Only members of the Review Panel on Conflict of Interest (COI) in Research will have access to this information.

Conflict of Interest Electronic Management System and Reporting Forms


  1. Review (as applicable) Princeton’s Rules and Procedures of the Faculty; the Rules and Procedures of the Professional Researchers and Professional Specialists; or the Rules and Procedures of the Professional Librarians.
  1. Review COI policies and quick reference guide here.
  1. For PHS/NIH-Funded appointees: Review the PHS requirements (plus check if your CITI training is older than 4 years and take refresher course).
  1. For Department of Energy-funded appointees: Review the new DOE COI requirements and affirmatively answer the certification question in the last section of the form (plus take training if you have not done so already).
  1. Complete Annual form – review and make corrections if needed, and submit.