Conflict of Interest in Research Panel

The Conflict of Interest (COI) in Research Panel (Panel) was established as a committee reporting to the Dean for Research. The Panel is charged with: 1) receiving and analyzing disclosure material 2) proposing to the investigator suitable adjustments in project arrangements when these are deemed necessary to remove or mitigate conflict of interest; and 3) developing policy recommendations on conflict of interest in research for consideration by the URB or other appropriate University bodies.

Where external sponsorship of research is involved, there can be extra sensitivities concerning the potential for conflict of interest and, especially in the case of government sponsorship conformity with agency regulations. For these reasons, the Panel periodically takes the initiative in actively soliciting disclosure statements from investigators involved in sponsored research.

The following University entities ensure oversight and management of conflict of interest and commitment:

Panel Roster

  • Pablo Debenedetti, Chair
  • Andrew Bocarsly
  • Rodney Priestley, ex officio
  • Andrea Goldsmith, ex officio
  • Gene Jarrett, ex officio
  • Stuart Leland, ex officio
  • John Ritter, ex officio
  • Ramona Romero, ex officio
  • Jacob Shapiro
  • Anna Stilz
  • Naveen Verma