Training and Enrollment

Animal Worker Web-Based Training

Initial training and occupational health review required for eligibility to participate in Princeton University’s animal research protections program.

Web-Based Animal Worker Training 

AALAS Learning Library (ALL) and CITI Training

Single Sign On (SSO) has been set up at AALAS. Click HERE to access the link. 

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AALAS LL Dropdown

(See Links CITI Enrollment Below)

Training for investigators, technicians, veterinarians, managers, IACUC members, and others working with animals in a research or education setting. The courses emphasize the appropriate handling, care, and use of animals and are designed to improve your knowledge in technical areas, to meet training mandates of regulatory agencies, and to help you study for AALAS certification. There are dozens of courses, including those on species-specific procedures and techniques, regulatory compliance, occupational health and safety, anesthesia and analgesia, and bioethics. This resource is offered at no cost to all faculty, students, and staff involved in animal research protections. 

AALAS Learning Library Training Requirements

All personnel must take the "Princeton University -- All Personnel" track which contains, "Working with the IACUC".

Based on the work being performed and the species being used, personnel are also required to take the following:

If you work with: Then take this training:
Princeton University Mouse Users
     Introduction to Mice
Princeton University Rat Users
     Working with the Laboratory Rat
Non-human Primates
Princeton University Non-Human Primate
     Introduction to Nonhuman Primates
     Health Risks and Safety Procedures for Working with Nonhuman
     Working Safely with Nonhuman Primates in Biocontainment
Princeton University Amphibian Users
     Introduction to Amphibians
Princeton University Xenopus Users
     Working with Laboratory Xenopus
Princeton University Fish Users
     Working with Laboratory Zebrafish
Princeton University Bird Users
     ALAT 29:  Birds
Guinea Pigs
Princeton University Guinea Pig Users
     Introduction to Guinea Pigs
CITI Training
     Working with Reptiles in a Research Setting
Rodent Colonies
Princeton University Rodent Colony Management
     Mouse Breeding Colony Management
Rodent Surgery
Princeton University Rodent Surgery
     Pain Management in Laboratory Animals
     Inhalation Anesthesia Systems for Rodents
     Aseptic Technique for Rodent Survival Surgery
Sugar Gliders Princeton University Sugar Glider Users
     Sugar Gliders
Field Research
Princeton University Wildlife Research
     Introduction to Wildlife
IACUC Members
Princeton University IACUC Members
     Essentials for IACUC Members

Enroll in CITI Training (for work with reptiles)

Enroll in CITI Training (for work with reptiles)

NOTE:  You must enroll with your Princeton University email address (

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Register Here".
  3. Under Section 1, "Participating Institution", select Princeton University.  Do not make a selection for the other boxes in Section 1.  You MUST affiliate with Princeton University to receive course credit.  If you do not affiliate with Princeton University and you successfully complete the course work, you will NOT receive credit and you will have to take the course again after affiliating with Princeton.
  4. Enter the requested information in Sections 2-8.  Select "No" in Section 6.
  5. Press SUBMIT.
  6. A new screen appears.  Enter the required information.  Under "Institutional email address", you must enter your Princeton University "" email address in order to receive credit upon successful completion of the course.
  7. Press SUBMIT.