Post-approval Monitoring

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) at Princeton University was established to review research and teaching activities that involve recombinant or synthetic-nucleic acid molecules (r-sNA), biological agents and toxins. The purpose of the review process is to ensure the University activities comply with government regulations and provide appropriate safeguards for human health and the environment.

The post approval monitoring (PAM) program is designed to improve the quality of research by ensuring congruence between what is described in the research registration and what is occurring during the actual performance of research activities. This will also give researchers an opportunity to ask questions and receive information about regulations and issues regarding the use of biohazards in research and teaching.

All IBC registrations are subject to PAM. This may overlap with PAM of IACUC or IRB protocols that have an IBC registration.

The IBC will receive periodic reports of the activities and findings of the PAM program at the committee meetings.